Login Page

Custom branded login page (Includes custom background, logo, login box, shadow and glow)

Asset View (thumbnails)

Upload, View, Edit, Collaborate and much more via XDAM’s simple and elegant Asset View.

Asset View (Preview)

Rapidly navigate through large previews, as if accessing your files directly from your own desktop.

Advanced Compare

Full-resolution zoomable image compare (side by side, layer, show-differences, show retouch notes)

Simple Approvals (kills)

Clean & simple “Talent Approvals” with easy Kill % restrictions per shot type.

Video Preview

Preview your videos in a clean and simple UI (fast-loading, high-quality, full-screen)

Video Notes

Create in-markers, out-markers, frame-markers, draw, crop, virtual clips and more…

Retouch Notes

Full-resoltion, Zoomable, Image Retouch Notes (draw, text notes, crop, filter by user, and more…)

Drag & Drop Upload (HTML)

Amazingly simple drag & drop upload to XDAM (no need for java plugin etc…) fantastic!


Drag & Drop to create Versions and Alternates, stacked for easy organization and workflow.

Asset Distribution Site

Easy distribute your approved “final-brand-assests” internally, or to your partners or clients.

Desktop Upload Tool

Drag & Drop gigabytes at a time, for easy, high-volume, stable, accelerated uploading.


Overview Movie

COMING SOON (Enjoy this video for now,,, it’s wonderful)

XDAM provides this and more. Solutions for any industry.

The XDAM is an Enterprise Class, Digital Asset Management System, with a wide range of features that empower and expedite asset workflows, from pre-production to archive and beyond.

 XDAM - Digital Asset Management demo