Advanced Compare

Advanced Compare

XDAM’s Advanced Compare tool, is a tremendous workflow enhancer for creative workflows for all industries. As the newest addition to XDAM’s “Workspaces” functionality, Advanced Compare provides simple compare in one click, and then offers a wide range of advanced features to enable the most detailed critical review.

Features Include:
Full-Resolution (Advanced Compare empowers you with Full-Resolution side by side comparisons. Keeping both images in sync, as you zoom and pan, so you can compare down to the pixel)

Show Differences (One-click to show the differences between files, quickly showing you what changed. Very helpful when the images look identical… great to show text changes!)

Layer Compare (Now you can stack (layer) your images, and flash on/off, to get another very helpful comparison view of precisely what has changed)

Show RT Notes (Turn on the RT notes as well, to compare showing precisely what was requested)

Hero Edit Workflow (Maybe the biggest benefit of the Advanced Compare tool, is the Hero Edit Workflow ability. You can now compare 2 or more full-res images, with a “Hero” pinned to the left, while you rapidly navigate and rank the images to the right, for large, side by side comparison… Make your new favorite your “Pinned Hero” with the press of a key. VERY FAST, VERY COOL!)


XDAM provides this and more. Solutions for any industry.

The XDAM is an Enterprise Class, Digital Asset Management System, with a wide range of features that empower and expedite asset workflows, from pre-production to archive and beyond.

XDAM - Advanced Image Comparison