Branding your Login Page

Branding is everything.

In XDAM, the very first thing your users see is the login page. To the average user, it looks like a simple login box with a logo atop, support-related info at the bottom. To the administrator of the system, it could mean a few hours or days of hard work getting the background just right, perhaps they want it to “pop” more or they want to blend in all the different names of their corporation, divisions or clients into a slick background that screams “Eye Candy”. The login page of XDAM is the first element the users will see and it’s is split into the following sections:

Background: Overall page background-color

Login box glow:  You can have an optional glow element cascading from the center outwards

Login box background:  The color of your login box

Company Logo:  Your custom logo above the login box

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