Comparing Assets

Posted February 24, 2021

Comparing assets can be a simple way to see, at a glance if there are any glaring differences between two or more assets.

This article will list some of the rich features of compare and use in your workflow:

  • Compare 2 or more images at a glance for 2,3 or 4 in a row
    • This is helpful for at a glance view. You will be able to sort and move images to the front if needed.
  • Advanced Compare
    • This generates a zoomable high-resolution version of the assets for zooming in.
    • Layer tool: This allows you to stack 2 assets on top of each other and use the compare slider to see any obvious differences.
    • Difference: This will analyze both assets and place color markers where the difference is.
    • Notes: Allows full retouch notes annotation
    • Tools: Allows the complete toolset to be available from the asset viewer as well as full ranking options.

As seen above, XDAM is much more than a simple storage solution.  it’s important to give the user the option of a rich toolset as well as a simple mode to carry out quick and efficient tasks. In forthcoming articles, we will highlight various features of  XDAM as well as upcoming release notes and the future of asset management. For more information on our Compare tool see our help section: Compare

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