Critical Solutions in XDAM

XDAM provides workflow critical solutions, including Project & Team Management, Upload, Review, Edit, Approvals, Task Notifications, Metadata, Retouch Notes, Instant File Delivery, File Broadcasting, and Brand Asset Distribution Portal. While a handful of clients take advantage of our feed system which allows assets to be fed out via FTP, RSS, and SOAP request to external sites we’d like to see more take advantage of this powerful tool.

You can simply set up a collection feed and drop assets into it which will automatically feed those out to external sites. The Asset Distribution portal will allow you to segment users to a public-facing site without them having to even log into the XDAM system. Task notification inside the asset viewer allows you to notify one or all team members on a project. Want to disable a user without removing their entire work history while allowing you to reenable them? Or send a note on an asset from our annotation system. XDAM has worked tirelessly to create a simple yet powerful system.

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