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Video Notes

Create in-markers, out-markers, frame-markers, draw, crop, virtual clips and more…

Retouch Notes

Full-resoltion, Zoomable, Image Retouch Notes (draw, text notes, crop, filter by user, and more…)

Drag & Drop Upload (HTML)

Amazingly simple drag & drop upload to XDAM (no need for java plugin etc…) fantastic!


Drag & Drop to create Versions and Alternates, stacked for easy organization and workflow.

Asset Distribution Site

Easy distribute your approved “final-brand-assests” internally, or to your partners or clients.

Desktop Upload Tool

Drag & Drop gigabytes at a time, for easy, high-volume, stable, accelerated uploading.

XDAM provides this and more. Solutions for any industry.

The XDAM is an Enterprise Class, Digital Asset Management System, with a wide range of features that empower and expedite asset workflows, from pre-production to archive and beyond.