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Project Structure

XDAM’s unique “Multi-Divisional” project structure enables high-security access to relevant Enterprise Brand Assets, via a user friendly UI.

  • Divisions (Manage assets and workflows for multiple business Divisions: Major Corporate Entities, Business Units, etc…)
  • Sub-Divisions (Each Division can have multiple Sub-Divisions providing granular access to: Brands, Titles, Clients, etc…)
  • Projects (Each Sub-Division can have multiple Projects, where assets are uploaded, edited, approved, etc…)

Example Structure: Network, Show, Project
Example Structure: Business Unit, Client, Project

Team Management

XDAM’s role-based-permissions simplify and automate your company’s user access rules and help you implements your ideal asset workflows.

  • Standardize permissions based on Role (removes user micromanagement)
  • XDAM reconfigures the UI to show Roles only what is relevant to their task. (Simple for users, Secure for your company)
  • Automate asset security rules (Time outs, Asset access, Rights Management)
  • Automate notifications and workflows (Ex: Notify “Legal” role, and move asset to “Legal Review Folder”)


XDAM simplifies collaborative approvals, with easy multi-role approval tracking, and the hyper-simple “kill” approval feature. 

  • Simple “Kill” approvals (perfect for the entertainment industry “talent” approvals workflows) (includes Kill % limiters)
  • Custom Approvals (set your own custom approval terms and colors)
  • Mobile Approvals (no download needed, works on all mobile devices)
  • Kill % Limits (set limits of any rank, per shot type: singles, groups, etc…)
  • Approval Reports (print customizable reports, including PDF proofs)
  • Auto-Lock Disapproved (Automated security, by auto-locking disapproved files from being download or sent by any or all Roles)

Brand Asset Distribution

XDAM’s ADsite (Asset Distribution Site) extends your ability to easily service Final Brand Assets to vendors, clients and partners, via a simple integrated module. 

  • Enterprise Users (provide internal access, to approved final brand assets)
  • Vendors & Partners (provide external access to ad agencies, content managers, printers, etc…)
  • Custom Home Page (fully customizable home page)
  • Rights Management (download permissions per file, based on your rights management metadata, auto-enforced per user Role)
  • Request Queue (download request queue for easy manager review and approval, sending automated download links once approved)
  • Asset Stability (as a fully integrated module, your original file is used, all metadata is tracked, no added storage burden for your original files)

Custom Development

XDAM’s custom development services give you the opportunity to rapidly add workflow-critical features. Helping you to implement your precise ideal Digital Asset Management Solutions. 

  • Simplify (create beautiful user friendly workflows, specific to your company’s precise needs)
  • Save Time (fill the gaps in your process with automated workflows)
  • Save Money (reduce time wasted with complex manual processes)
  • PHP, IOS, Android, C, Etc…

XDAM provides this and more. Solutions for any industry.

The XDAM is an Enterprise Class, Digital Asset Management System, with a wide range of features that empower and expedite asset workflows, from pre-production to archive and beyond.