Managing the Divisions Tab

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Managing the Divisions Tab

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There are no limits to the number of divisions that can be created. You may use letters, numbers, special characters or a combination of all. The table below shows the functions that can be performed under this tab.





Create a Division


1.Click the Divisions tab.
2.Click the New Division Button.
3.Enter your desired name.
4.Click Create.



Create a Subdivision (After creating a Division, the "New Subdivision" button will be available.)


1. Create your Division.

2. Click the New Subdivision button.

3. Select the Division from the dropdown.

4. Enter your desired name.

5. Click Create.





1.Type a division name.
2.Press Search.





1.Click the Details button.
2.Select Edit.
3.Enter the new Division name.
4.Click Save.





1.Click the Details button.
2.Select Delete.
3.Click OK.



Add to Default Team


1.Click the Details button.
2.Select Edit.
3.Select from the Roles dropdown.
4.Select from the member dropdown.
5.Click Add.