Managing the Subdivisions Tab

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Managing the Subdivisions Tab

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Create a Subdivision


1.Select the Subdivisions tab.
2.Click on New Subdivision.
3.Fill out the field for the Divisions and Name; Notes and Logo file are optional.
4.Click Create.



Create a Project (After creating a Subdivision, the "New Project" button will be available.)


1. Create a Subdivision.

2. Click on New Project.

3. Select the Division and Subdivision from the dropdown

4. Select the Project type and Folder template.

5. Click Create.





There are three ways of searching a specific subdivision:

Enter a subdivision and click Search.
Select from the drop down of Divisions and click Display.
Choose from the alphanumeric links.





1.Click the Details button.
2.Click Edit.

2. Change the current name of your Subdivision.

3. Then click Save.





1. Click the Details button.

2. Click Delete.

3. Confirm by clicking OK.



Add to Default Team


1.Click the Details button.
2.Select Edit.
3.Select from the Roles dropdown.
4.Select from the member dropdown.
5.Click Add.



Once a Subdivision is clicked, you will be directed to the Projects tab.