Setting up your Password

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Setting up your Password

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The window below is an example of the Password and Security page you will be directed after clicking the link provided in your invitation email.




1.Fill in your New Password and confirm by entering it again in Retype Password field.
2.Fill in the Security Question with your personal question.
3.Fill in the Answer field with the correct answer to your custom security question and confirm it again in the Retype Answer field.
4.Put a check mark in the box after reviewing the terms of use by clicking on the link.
5.Finally click the Submit button.




If your XDAM Administrator has already assigned you to a project you will be logged into the system successfully, otherwise you will be presented with a note: "You cannot login because you do not have access to any media".


The message simply means that you have not been assigned to a project yet. If you believe this is in error, you can contact your System Administrator thru the support link at the bottom of the page.