Simple Share

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Simple Share

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Simple Share provides the User the ability to share assets in a folder or collection in the XDAM system with user outside of the system. A log in (username and password) is not needed in this procedure.


The Share icon clip0999 is located Asset Viewer and Dash user interface.


a. Beside the folder or Collection name in the Asset viewer.




b. Tools area in Folder or Collection in the Dashboard.




Each Folder or Collection shared with a user is done via a URL  that is unique to the recipient and contains the needed login credentials to access the shared assets. The User sharing the assets can provide optional permissions such as "Download" and/or "Approve". An Expiration Date of access can also be set by the User.



How to use Simple Share?


1. Click the Share icon; you will have the Sharing pop-up window with the Folder or Collection name on top.





2. Select the user name from an existing list of Users in the system or enter the email address of the recipient manually.





If user's email address is entered manually, a pop up window will ask for User's first and last name.


3. Set the Permissions ("Download and Approve") to be given; by default the "View" permission is selected.

4. Choose the "Access time" (1 to 4 weeks) from the dropdown or manually select the date from the calendar. You may modify the message section as needed.

5. Click "Share".







Once the Folder is shared, the recipient will receive an email with a link to access the shared assets. The shared assets will only be available to the recipient based on the access time set.



A shared folder or collection will have a share icon for identification.