Talent Approvals

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Talent Approvals

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The Talent Approvals workflow has been redone to allow a more streamline and easier interface for Talent to complete their approvals and for Photo Producers to see at a glance what the Talent is doing on a Project.



New Talent Status light notification


XDAM has added a new status light for Talents who have been added to a Project but have not yet been given approvals to complete. Now each step of the Talent process is tracked and easily determined via status lights.



An Example of a newly added Talent to a Project, note the status light is DARK. This shows that they have not been invited to perform any approvals in the system for a Project yet.





After the Talent has been invited to perform approvals, the light will show RED.





After the Talent has logged in and killed (disapproved) at least one asset but has not yet selected the "Approvals Complete" button, it will show YELLOW.





Once the Talent completes their approvals, the light will change to GREEN.






How to perform Talent Approvals?


I.Create Approvals Collection for Talent

 a. From the Folders, select an Asset(s) to be copied to a Collection.

 b. Drag and Drop them to the selected Collection.





II. Add a Talent to the Project in the Dashboard View of XDAM.

 a. Click the gear icon in the Project Team list inside the Dashboard.




 b. Click the "Add Team Member" button.




 c. Select from the Role dropdown list, choose Talent.

 d. Select from the User dropdown list.

 e. Hit Save.





Notice that the Talent you just created is now in the Approvals list with a RED dot indicator. The Red dot indicates that the Talent has not yet started working on the Project.





III. Notifying the Talent

 a. Click Notify across the Talent name.




 b. Click Edit Access to provide the talent an access to the Collections that you have created.





In the example above, the Collections - Approval for Z is the container of our assets. The Talent should be given access to this Collection.


 c. Put a check mark to the Collection name you wanted to grant the Talent access to. It is optional to set an end date you wanted your Talent to approve the assets.

 d. Click Save.

 e. Click Notify Selected.




 f. Click Close and an email will be sent to the Talent's email address informing him that a Project is waiting for him to approve.





IV. Talent Approvals


Below is an example of email that the Talent will be notified about the pending Approvals.






The Talent should click on the link found in the notification email.        


 a. Log in as the Talent.

 b. Click on the Project name.


The interface upon login displays instructions and Projects that they have approvals for and if applicable the Due Date.





After selecting the Project they have approval to, the Talent will be taken to a new Approval interface.





Talent can then proceed  to make their selections and will be able to identify killed assets easily with a RED "X" mark.






If configured, Talent can also place a note on individual assets which can be viewed by other Users in XDAM.





After a text note has been placed, the icon will highlight showing a note exist.





Kills remaining is shown in the top right corner of the Collection the Talent is approving so they know where they stand on the number of assets they can kill at any time.





When the Talent is finished, they will click on the "Approvals Complete" button in the top right.





They will be given a confirmation window explaining that their access will be removed once they confirm.





After confirming completion of current project, they will be taken back to the Projects Tab where they can continue further approvals or log off if they do not have any more to complete.








Once the Talent completes the Approvals, an email is sent back to the User’s email address on file who originally notifies Talent of assets to approve.


The types of Collections are tied to the Kill%. A value from 0 to 100% with 25% increments can be selected from the dropdown .


Single - single asset
Double - double assets
Group - group assets
Unit - a unit within a group






How to RESET the Talent's access?


If the Talent's approval has been finalized (GREEN dot beside Talent name) but changes in the Approvals needs to be done, the User who assigned the Talent to the Project should do the following:


       a. Go to the Dashboard view of XDAM.

 b. Click the gear icon in the Approvals window.




 c. Click "Reset Complete Status".

 d. Click "Notify Selected"