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Within the Asset Viewer this new tool will allow  users to upload  newer instances  of an asset  in the form of a newer  version or alternate  (sub-versions) and provide visual  history of the asset  in a "Version Thumbnail" . This version thumbnail  can be expanded  when needed to view the history of the asset  and allow rearranging of versions  and alternates for workflow purposes if needed.


Versioning Tool has a number  of components  which we will  in the detail below.



Features of Versioning



A. Creating a new Version can be accomplished in two ways:


Select the new icon " Upload New Version" on the thumbnail tool list.





Drag and Drop one asset on to another  and select either +Version or +Alt






B. Version Thumbnails can be opened  and re-ordered via drag and dropping the thumbnails in front, behind or on the Version you either want  to add or change.


Important Note: you cannot have other assets selected (box checked) while drag and dropping assets into  or rearranging  a version thumbnail.



         Closed Version Thumbnail                                                Open Version Thumbnail



         clip0954                                        clip0955



C. Sub Versions or Alternates  can be placed within a version as needed by drag and dropping onto either a version or before or after the thumbnail using drop zones which will become available as you hover over a thumbnail.





XDAM will automatically reorder both the Version numbers  and Alt letters as required.




D. Below is an example of a Version Thumbnail expanded showing 3 separate versions with #3 having 3 alternates represented as 3A, 3B and 3C.




Versioning can be very simple or very detailed depending on your workflow needs.




E. Status Flag approvals are now tracked per user on a new "History Tab" on the right Info Panel of the screen and uses previous Status Flags if set are are "echoed"up through the newer versions (unless they apply a new status in which case it will show a time/date stamp) so a user can see at a glance who and which versions of an asset were previously reviewed.




Alternate status flags while shown are not echoed up to newer versions or alts.




F. Removing an asset from a Version Thumbnail is as easy as drag and dropping the asset somewhere outside its current version thumbnail.




G. Selecting the Download Tool on a Thumbnail inside a version stack will present you with three options, allowing you to download a singe asset, all versions and alternates.