Integration and the Content Landscape for Digital Asset Management

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Digital assets are the atomic “building blocks” of the content universe, and they are key parts of a dynamic, changing, and much larger technology landscape. Numerous other systems interoperate with Digital Asset Management (DAM). This course explains how DAM interacts with product information or collections information management, web/print publishing, social media, marketing resource management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other systems.

Application programming interfaces (API), micro services, and partnering with IT are central to getting started and being ready to keep up. We’ll cover the techniques for keeping alert for ever-present changes in the digital landscape that are key as technology and organizational needs evolve and change. The course emphasizes the components of the content landscape and the tools used for integrated within it – but not the programming skills for creating the integrations. Awareness of all these factors are critical to being an effective DAM leader.

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