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DAM News has an interesting article regarding image processing and if it should be outsourced to 3rd party. XDAM has spent years developing image processing standards to provide speed and reliability to it’s customers. It’s an interesting read, snippet below:

In an article that questions the traditional way to do things, DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor addresses the subject of image and media processing within a DAM system, and whether the time has come – for something that has always been viewed as one of a DAM’s core duties – to be delegated to specialist third-party service providers.

Using the analogy of ‘The Five Monkeys Experiment’, which observes the phenomenon of learned behaviour and inherited reluctance to change the status quo due to an historic ‘memory’ of past consequences, Ralph begins his piece by presenting an all too familiar dialogue concerning a supplier’s continuing failure to overcome a series of technical issues.  In his scenario, a client requires a system that generates video and image previews.  The service provider opts for a set of common open source tools and components such as FFMpeg and ImageMagick to get the job done, but soon realises that a set-and-forget type configuration is simply not going to cut it.

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