Multiple Upload Methods

In XDAM, we have a variety of ways to upload assets into the system. The reason for this is each way is specific to a particular workflow you may be working on.

For example, If you are in a project folder and need to get assets into only that folder you can drag them from your desktop or external drive directly onto the asset viewer page. This will initiate our default uploader to ingest all the files and process the thumbnails while you wait. You can also click on the up arrow of a folder which will pop up the uploader window so you can drag and drop directly onto that. you can have as many pop windows as you wish in case you want to upload in more than one folder at a time. If you lose your internet connection for any reason, the system will auto-resume once the connection is restored. For more info on standard uploads see our help guide: Uploads

By default, XDAM comes standard with  HTML5 uploader technology so you don’t have to install any plugins. However, if you wish to use a high-speed uploader plugin such as Aspera XDAM is fully compatible. We also allow the user to switch between Aspera or the standard web upload via their user profile if needed in case they are behind a firewall or on a remote shoot. These settings are fully controllable by the admin.

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