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Technology Overview

XDAM is developed using best of breed open standards, to provide your company with the high performance, security and flexibility required for enterprise level digital asset management.

  • Scalable (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP tech stack)
  • Compatible (HTML 5 UI. No Flash or Java plugins required)
  • Connectable (flexible XDAM API to connect to your other systems)
  • Secure (enterprise level security architecture, features, and validation)

Aspera (Transfer Acceleration)

XDAM offers Aspera™ file transfer acceleration, to provide full line speed uploads and downloads (enabling high volume, rapid transfer of your assets)

  • Web Upload (accelerated browser based upload, drag & drop)
  • Web Download (accelerated browser based download)
  • Desktop Upload (accelerated desktop client upload, drag & drop)

Architecture / Hosting

XDAM was developed to enable precise, efficient scalability, for high volume production environments, that require different areas of component scalability (and can also be deployed on a single sever)

  • Precisely Scale (scale any server component to handle your company’s load precisely and efficiently: web, app, database, search, processing, etc…)
  • Auto Scale (XDAMs enterprise Amazon deployment deliver on-demand, highly efficient, auto-scaling, providing a tremendous opportunity for performance and cost savings)
  • High Performance (XDAM is able to use an unlimited number of processors, to help you achieve the level of speed you require)
  • Low Cost (XDAM’s Enterprise Cloud deployments reduce hosting costs by an average of 75%)

Custom Development

XDAM’s custom development services give you the opportunity to rapidly add workflow-critical features, that you need to achieve your Asset Management / Workflow goals.

  • Professional Services (cost effective development services)
  • What You Need (add or tailor features to meet your specific needs, connect systems, etc…)
  • Scalable Team (XDAM’s dev team can scale rapidly to meet high demand and short schedules)
  • Skilled Team (XDAM’s dev team can do it: php, iOS, android, java, c, etc…)
  • Rapid Development (XDAM’s custom development process is highly efficient, from Discovery, to SOW, to Coding. We make it easy, fun, and successful, so you want to do more!)

XDAM provides this and more. Solutions for any industry.

The XDAM is an Enterprise Class, Digital Asset Management System, with a wide range of features that empower and expedite asset workflows, from pre-production to archive and beyond.

XDAM - Digital Asset Management technology