Three Fibs That Some DAM Vendors Tell (And How To Deal With Them)

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Ralph Windsor from Dam Guru posted an interesting and very informative article on the DAM industry and fibs which XDAM tries it’s best to avoid, snippet below:

Over the last few years, I have witnessed a steady increase in the number of consulting clients asking for assistance in helping them select DAM vendors to supply the software used for their DAM initiatives.  This has been something of a surprise as in the past, my firm saw less demand for this kind of service than we do now.  My expectation was that as knowledge of Digital Asset Management became more widespread, there would be less of a need for specialist advice and expertise.  That has not proven to be the case; a number of factors might explain why:

  • There has been an increase in the number of vendors who have entered the DAM market recently, especially those who are funded with private equity and venture capital.
  • There are now more vendor sales and marketing personnel who have lower levels of background knowledge about DAM which they can draw upon.
  • Many DAM users are now replacing systems and they realise they made many mistakes on their previous attempts which they are keen to avoid again.
  • The lack of trust that enterprise DAM buyers have of many of the sources of vendor information such as analyst reports and review sites.
  • The homogenisation now exhibited by many DAM platforms which makes it more difficult to differentiate between them.
  • The near complete breakdown of the price/value relationship in the DAM software market.


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