XDAM Overview

The video provides a high-level overview of how the system works.

Asset Viewer

The video will show a high-level overview of the different tools in XDAM, showing the top toolbar and the thumbnail toolbar.

A simple drag & drop method to create a version of your assets.

Dynamic watermark is a feature that overlays a specific text or image on an asset assigned by an Administrator.

The video will show you different ways of moving the assets around the system. Copying an asset to another folder or collection can be done through a tool or a simple drag and drop.

The feature allows the user to do rapid select of assets which does not require the user to wait for the large preview and metadata to load resulting to a faster preview.

Uploading and Downloading

The video shows the steps on how to download asset/assets from the Asset Viewer.

The video covers the different ways to upload assets to the system, using the upload tool and via drag and drop to the asset viewer.

Metadata Panel

The metadata panel video shows navigation of the panel, saving metadata on a single asset or multiple assets.

Auto Save when enabled, should speed up saving process on changes in the metadata of an asset.

The feature allows the system to present previously entered metadata details based on a user level.

A very useful tool that should expedite modifications in the metadata of assets.


Collection are symbolic links or virtual folders of the original uploaded assets that do not take up storage space but allows full editing that transcends back to the original assets.


This is a global search wherein you search for assets with one or more parameters in the entire system for a more streamlined result.

System Simple Search allows the user to search for an asset with the specific metadata within the system.

This type of search enables the user to locate asset/s in a specific project


This feature sends out or download group of assets in pdf format.

Sharing folders or collections easily with non-users of the system.

The Groups feature allows the user to share a selection of asset to one or more users which are part of a predefined Group.


The video shows how to add notations, create in and out markers , and frame markers to videos

The feature lets you leave notes on an asset to communicate with different users of the system.


A collaborative work that allows a “Talent” user to approve or disapprove assets.

A collaborative work to setup and manage approvals

Automation and Feeds

Smart Search searches for specific assets in the system and automatically save them into a collection. Smart Delivery sends assets outside of the system via RSS, FTP or Web Service.

Administration Task

An administrator task that allows changes to the predetermined permissions of a role.

This is an Administrator task that allows him to manage the access of a user on a Project level.

A folder set template is the workflow of a client. The video will set up folder set templates that should auto populate whenever a project is created.

An administrator will be guided on how to create users with appropriate role-based permissions in the system.

This video will aid the Administrator in creating the three top levels of the system – Super Title, Title and Project. These three tabs can be named according to each Client’s need.

A comprehensive report which allows the Administrator to see at a glance approved asset by different users.