Features that will Simplify & Expedite your workflow.

A wide range of the features you need, to get your work done faster and better than ever before. XDAM is the tool that you have been looking for.

XDAM - Digital Asset Management features

Enterprise Level DAM

XDAM is a true Enterprise Level DAM, providing the performance, security, flexibility and features for fast paced, high demand production needs.

  • Internally or externally hosted (Self or Managed)
  • Physical or Virtual servers (Single or Multiple)
  • High performance with unlimited scalability
  • Extendable API for easy system integrations
  • Enterprise level security
XDAM - Digital Asset Management

Our Support Team goes further to Provide Excellent Service.

XDAM’s team of seasoned support professionals, provides highly responsive service, ensuring you get what you need, to get your job done successfully.

XDAM - Digital Asset Management

Multimedia DAM for All

XDAM’s structure is perfect for all types of businesses. With easily configurable elements, that help you expedite your ideal asset workflow. 

  • Upload any file type to your own branded system (Simple drag and drop)
  • View, share, edit, rank, compare, metadata, retouch notes, video notes
  • Approve assets collaboratively via desktop or mobile
  • Deliver through email, ftp, rss, web-services
  • Archive your files securely

Rapidly Deployable Cost Effective Enterprise Solution.

Multimedia Digital Asset Management,,, for your entire Enterprise, at a fraction of the expected cost

XDAM - Digital Asset Management

Why Choose Us

  • Proven Solution (12 year mature code base, continually updated with new features for high volume, fast paced, production environments)
  • Cost Savings (XDAM deployments standardly reduce cost exponentially and save valuable production time)
  • Rapidly Deployable (You can go-live quickly with XDAM, solving your biggest asset management problems immediately)
  • Support Team (Available, Passionate, Knowledgable, Pro-Active, and Local… XDAM’s support team is a part of your team)
  • Custom Development (XDAM’s elite team of developers can add features that enable your ideal workflows)
  • System Integration (APIs to connect to your existing systems, creating highly automated, coordinated, enterprise workflows)
  • Scalable Secure Archive (XDAM’s high security deployments, are easily extensible, and can be auto-scaled to provide substantial cost savings)

What Clients Say

 NBCUniversal has been using XDAM for 8+ years.
It is our complete workflow, approvals and asset delivery tool.

We have based our entire workflow on XDAM because it is extremely robust, flexible to meet our needs,,, and far exceeds the functionality of all the competitive software on the market

(50 Million assets / 300+ Terabytes)

Danny Lukic, Director of Technology & New Media (NBCUniversal)


Some Of Our Clients

XDAM provides this and more. Solutions for any industry.

The XDAM is an Enterprise Class, Digital Asset Management System, with a wide range of features that empower and expedite asset workflows, from pre-production to archive and beyond.