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XDAM The Company

XDAM  was founded in 2006 by a group of passionate photographers in Los Angeles California with the goal of providing an extensible asset management system that is intuitive and Scalable. This quickly evolved into a full-fledged Digital Asset Management system that not only can handle any file type but can simplify and expedite Digital Asset Workflows for all industries.


Our Team

XDAM is Managed by a team of digital media leaders David Alexander and Ray Slay. David, a commercial photographer was the founder of A&I Photo Labs. LA’s leading commercial photography laboratory. Ray, a former Senior VP NBCUniversal, ABC and Disney, with over 25 years of Enterprise Digital Asset Management experience. Ray brings his extensive experience in the entertainment industry, as a content creator, manager, and is leading XDAM into the future to remain your ideal solution.

XDAM - Digital Asset Management about us


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  • Licensing: sales@xdam.com
  • Support: support@xdam.com , 888-552-1288

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XDAM provides this and more. Solutions for any industry.

The XDAM is an Enterprise Class, Digital Asset Management System, with a wide range of features that empower and expedite asset workflows, from pre-production to archive and beyond.

XDAM - Digital Asset Management about us