XDAM was established in 2006 by a dedicated collective of photographers and visionary software developers. Their shared ambition was to create an adaptable asset management system that seamlessly combined user-friendliness and scalability, catering to businesses of all sizes.

What began as a fervent endeavor soon transformed into a comprehensive Digital Asset Management (DAM) system capable of handling an extensive array of file formats. This DAM system can simplify and accelerate digital asset workflows across diverse industries.

XDAM is managed by a team of digital asset and media leaders David Alexander and Ray Slay. Award-winning and iconic photographer, David’s extensive background as a business developer and professional photographer brings a world-class sense of professional insight and presentation. Over 25 years of Enterprise Digital Asset Management experience are behind Ray Slay who spent decades leading teams at NBCUniversal, ABC Television and the Walt Disney Co. Ray brings his extensive experience in managing the millions of assets these entertainment industry titans produced yearly to XDAM, keeping our business and our clients on the cutting edge of new technologies.

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