The Approval System

Are you into approvals? X-DAM takes the hard work out of it for your users by giving them a simple page to do approvals. Users always want the easiest possible path to get work done without hassle. as admins, we need to make sure rights management, security are also bundled with this approach. XDAM has and will continue to make improvements to the approval system that makes sense for the admins and end users. One of our desires was to forgo making an “app” to go along with our web based dam. with HTML5, it makes more sense to just send a user a notification and allow them to do approvals from any device without downloading another app.

Not to mention the overhead it takes to manage an app, there is also a strong tendency to keep adding features to the app where you end up in development hell making a web based and app based dam that will continuously need fed development, training and support time.

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