Webinar – DAM Success: Bridging The Gap Between Business & IT!

Charles Russel from DAMNEWS  posted information on an upcoming interactive panel discussion on bridging the gap between Business and IT. Information below:

“A live online panel discussion entitled ‘DAM Success: Bridging the Gap Between Business & IT!’ will be taking place on 31st March.  This interactive event, hosted by New Jersey DAM‘s Frank DeCarlo, features a line-up of Digital Asset Management professionals and consultants, including John Florance (Risetime), Ralph Windsor (Daydream, London DAM), Oksana Dersovitz (Digital Transformation at Wakefern Food Corp.), and Jason Carter (Creative Operations).  The panelists will be discussing the challenges, tensions and subsequent solutions that can occur between businesses and IT departments when funding, planning and managing DAM initiatives.

Topics covered will include RFPs, implementation, creative operations and change management.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session and glean valuable insights and practicable advice from DAM experts on both sides of the debate.”

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