IEN 2020 DAM Practitioner’s Summit Feedback

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Ralph Windsor from Dam Guru posted an interesting feedback article from the Jan 2020 DAM Practitioners Summit snippet below:

1. What were the most useful insights you gained from the IEN conference?

Frank De Carlo
Without question, the role of Digital Asset Managers is being taken more seriously compared to five years ago. The field has and continues to grow at an accelerated rate. Just look at the current job opportunities and new titles emerging, such as Global DAM Manager and VP of DAM – it’s paving the way for a more refined definition of standards and practices. It’s no longer shades of upstairs/downstairs; it is upstairs and downstairs where DAM managers are offered a different seat at the table. We have the downstairs, where 50 or 60 people are responsible for keeping the DAM running, and the upstairs, where the DAM manager’s role is much more involved in how the assets are centralized and will work throughout an entire enterprise. Exciting things ahead, and I am eager to see what transpires over the next five years as compared to the last!

Jennifer Tyner
How to keep users adopted beyond the initial launch
Role of DAM Professionals and how we can evolve
Governance and rights management

Ian Matzen
Digital Asset Management (DAM) is performed at various businesses and institutions. While managing digital assets is often done differently at each location and sometimes within the same organization, there are best practices, standards, and challenges common to all of our work.
Though I embrace technology, I know the “technology trap” whereby users see tech as a solution for everything. As many speakers attested, DAM-related problems sometimes require people skills more often than technology skills. Acting as a “translator” or “mediator,” roles that were often repeated during the summit, positions us as conduits to avant-garde technology.

Vendors aren’t the bad guys. Disorganized information is! We must learn to trust and collaborate with vendors and third-party integrators to meet our DAM goals. Otherwise, we’re putting up unnecessary roadblocks. Let’s get into that blockchain action (Demetrios Vasiadis, Manager of Digital Asset Technologies CONDE NAST). Leveraging this technology to capture a digital asset’s provenance should come standard with every DAM system.

Christine Conley-Smith
I found it very useful that a number of the sessions were delivered via panel discussions. It was interesting to hear from multiple panelists who are subject matter experts with a broad range of perspectives across various industries. No matter the differences in business we represent, we all find common ground and share similar pain points in the DAM space. Challenges aside, I took away a lot of interesting information and many things to consider relating to AI, rights management, user adoption, system integrations, ranking or scoring assets and approaches to archiving assets.

Margie Foster
This year I was interested in measurement, which can be a real challenge. I especially appreciated the Increasing User Adoption to Maximize Your DAM’s ROI panel as Anne Graham, Leah Carlson, Jessica Berlin, Henrik de Gyor, and Frank de Carlo shared their first-hand experiences with user adoption and the bottom line.

Jennifer Pflaumer
It was fascinating to hear how organizations are using metrics to gauge user adoption. There were a couple of sessions that discussed metrics and the different methods that are used either on their own or together with a number of measurements to provide a full picture of how DAM is valued within the organization. It reinforced the point for me that to measure and increase DAM adoption, you need to understand what your organization values and align the DAM with those core business objectives.

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