Will Free and Synthetic Content Herald the End of Photo Libraries?

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Charles Russell from Digitalassetmanagementnews posted an interesting article on Synthetic Content. Snippet below:

Shockwaves could soon be reaching the once impregnable walls of the stock photo industry’s bunkers due to shifts in the image library landscape and associated emerging technologies.

Firstly, deep-fakes and synthetic content are now beginning to mature, making both its creators and subjects equally redundant, at least where human subjects are concerned.  Early last year ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com showcased an impressive use of Artificial Intelligence based on NVidia’s research of GAN (generative adversarial network) technology to create an endless supply of randomly generated fake faces.  By refreshing the page on the no-frills website created by Uber engineer Philip Wang, it’s immediately apparent just how realistic the technology has become – it’s incredibly hard not to regard the images as photographs of actual, living individuals.

Full article here:

Out of Stock: Will Free and Synthetic Content Herald the End of Photo Libraries?


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