Introducing XDAM 4.902 Release Preview

XDAM’s 4.91 release marked a significant improvement in the software from the customer’s perspective and on the backend technology perspective. Along with our continuing speed improvements, we also improved our drag and drop upload performance. Previously, due to browser constraints when a user uploaded a batch of files, only 1 would go up at a time. This has now been improved to 5 at a time marking a significant speed improvement in the default XDAM upload!

We also released a whole set of API’s for administrators. SSO ability with multifactor authentication and an improved worker processing queue system based on Amazon’s async beanstalk ability! This gives us the ability to process and manage more files at once.

  • SSO with Multifactor Improvements
  • Uploading more files at once improvements
  • API’s for administrators and developers
  • Reworked worker processing technology based on Amazon AWS Aysc Beanstalk technology

All of this will be pushed to clients by the end of this week!

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